Liposuction is the most common aesthetic-surgical procedure in Switzerland. Every year, 50 000 Swiss undergo cosmetic surgery, of which about 14,000 undergo liposuction. Many people suffer from obesity and fight against too many kilos. The way to the dream figure is often arduous, the liposuction often the only realistic option. However, you should pay attention to these 5 points before undergoing liposuction.

1. Change diet before liposuction

I always recommend a diet that you can sustain for a lifetime. So it’s not so much about an actual diet as it is about a diet. Don’t caste yourself. Abandonment puts the organism in an emergency and eventually demands that what is missed be made up. Eating sensibly means distinguishing between hunger and appetite. When does the so-called “stomach hunger” really report. Or is it the “emotional hunger” I try to satisfy by eating? Sweets should not be dispensed with completely, but enjoyed in moderation. In addition, regular exercise is necessary to keep the machine body fit and healthy. But don’t overdo it. 2-3 times a week endurance sports and maybe some strength training keep the body fit and the fat cells small.

2. Regeneration time from 1 to 2 weeks

After liposuction, it is first of all to give yourself and the body peace of mind. Of course, you are mobile immediately after the operation; but please be careful and slow. If you carry out the liposuction with us, we recommend a stay of at least 2 nights with us at the Hotel Chasa Montana. They are provided with medical care and care. Lymphatic drainageism is offered on site, so the swelling quickly decreases.

For the time at home it would certainly be good to get another 10 days off work. You can go for a walk and do normal activities (shopping, cooking, showering, etc…). Lifting and carrying heavy loads must be avoided. After 3 weeks swimming is allowed. From 6-7 postoperative week any sport. Sitting professions can be resumed after 2 weeks. Standing and physically demanding jobs after 3 weeks. In general, we recommend wearing tight clothing on the body, a so-called compression wash for 6 weeks.

3. The result is immediately visible

Of course, the result is immediately felt – and visible. After liposuction, the treated regions are swollen, but you immediately notice the difference. Unwanted depots are out of you. Especially on the abdomen, the waist and the thigh outersides (rider pants) you have an immediate result.

4. The fat is gone – but for how long?

The sucked-out fat is gone forever. However, this does not mean that you can eat uninhibited. Because the remaining fat cells can grow. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all the fat here, so nothing can grow back. Fat tissue also has its functions: as a layer of displacement between skin and muscle (faszie), as a hormone production facility, etc… that means you can’t do it without adipose tissue. Therefore, as already mentioned, we recommend to start a healthy diet before liposuction. We are also happy to support you in this.

5. The liposuction is suitable for everyone

Liposuction is something for anyone who wants to get rid of excess kilos – for women as well as for men. The risk of surgery is extremely low and there are hardly any scars. We will clarify you accordingly before the operation, so that you can proceed as much as possible to the risk diversification in the operation. That is what we are doing. You will receive individual support and a medically flawless service from us. Even after liposuction we are always at your disposal!

(c) – Alim Yakubov

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