Dr.medi.univ.Julia Cordin: The woman with the scalpel.

Julia Cordin, 41 years old and plastic surgeon has been an independent, aesthetic surgeon for 7 years. She specializes in breast surgery and liposuction, as well as intimate surgery.

Her profession is her passion. That’s why she does everything she can to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual patient. She always remains true to her motto “naturally beautiful”.

Dr.med.univ. Daniel Pehböck, DESA: The man who puts you in deep sleep.

Daniel Pehböck, 37 years old and specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care. A young, committed and highly competent man who does his job out of conviction and with all his commitment.
After his specialist training at the University Hospital Innsbruck, he worked there for 5 years as a senior physician. In addition to his medical training at Simulation.Tirol, he and His wife, Dr. Anita Kirner, set up the Bergpraxis-Samnaun, where he was medical director for a year.

Together we are a professional dream team

Daniel and Julia met during an emergency course led by Daniel. In doing so, it immediately “funked” both professionally and interpersonally. A prerequisite for such a responsible and intensive work, which both physicians do.

And the fact that the two are on a common wavelength can also be felt. For both, the well-being and satisfaction of their patients is paramount.

My home is my castle: Dr. Pehböck, also a family man and husband

As a husband father of 4 children Daniel lives in a spacious house with garden in Natters/Tyrol. You need him there, too, and when he’s not on the road for work, he takes care of his own home.
“My wife supports me wherever she can and has a great deal of understanding for my profession; this allows me to work optimally!” All the more the thoroughbred doctor enjoys gardening, the romping with the children and cozy evenings with his wife on the home terrace.

In sports, Dr. Cordin can switch off and get his head free.

Julia has been living in a partnership for a long time, but has no children of her own. But even without family, she is socially well anchored: parents, brothers and friends are very important to her and she likes to spend her free time with them. She is particularly pleased about her visits to the old building apartment in Innsbruck.
Sport must not be missing either. In order to stay fit, sport is on the agenda for at least 2 to 3 days a week: skiing, mountain biking, golf and horse backriding.

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