More and more often, patients opt for a self-fat transfer on their face. Instead of the classic filler (hyaluronic acid), the body’s own fat is used – obtained with the help of the classic liposuction on the abdomen, waist or legs. This is processed into the finest nanofat after suction, making it ideal for an injection on the face.

Own fat on the face is permanent

Fillers degrade more or less quickly depending on the “strength level” (cross-linking). With the own fat transfer it is different. It is a permanent solution, because the transplanted fat finds connection to the local vascular system, grows and is maintained by it alive.

It takes one, maximum of a second correction intervention

If fillers are used as a volume replacement on the face, approx.70-80% of the fold or the missing volume are replaced; the remaining padding passes through water binding. This means that you do not immediately replace the entire volume. With own fat, one corrects over: You inject more fat than you need, because about 30-40% of the transplanted fat does not heal. A seasoned surgeon can assess this well. Only occasionally does the procedure have to be repeated, and that is when less fat is healed on one side than on the other. The result is an asymmetry.

Own fat on the face, THE anti-aging secret!

Own fat contains stem cells. Stem cells are body cells that can develop to any other cell in the body. Thus, they can also replace old, “broken” skin cells. The result is a much younger and more radiant skin, less pigmentation and an overall more harmonious appearance.

No own fat on the face in case of known cancer

Since stem cells can also differentiate themselves into cancer cells, the self-fat transfer on the face must not be carried out if there is already a malignant cancer of the skin. These include melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basalioma.

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