Beauty not only has to suffer, beauty also costs money. And that’s not a little bit.
But is the high fee that plastic surgeons charge their patients justified?

As always, there is a wide range of low-cost offerings and high-end products.
Sure, the price does not always reflect 1:1 the quality; that means expensive is not equally good. But especially in the medical sector, good and serious price comparisons are possible and meaningful.

Only the very best for you and your body!

Your body may be worth it: cosmetic surgery does not only involve the procedure per se. At least as important is a medically competent consultation and clarification with exclusion of risk factors before the operation, as well as a continuous and endeavored follow-up.

It is therefore very important for you as a patient to look at a flawless and complete treatment in your beauty clinic.

It’s more than a visit to cosmetics!

Many people develop a bad conscience when they invest money in cosmetic surgery.

We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things – and everyone should be allowed to decide for themselves with what kind of luxury they beautify their everyday life. Plastic surgery should be examined critically, but every single person can also be trusted with a degree of reason and self-responsibility.

Whether clothes, cosmetics, cars, homes or holidays – a pleasure for the senses!

What benefits should a credible operating fee include?

Normally, you will be charged a total fee. Depending on the beauty clinic, this includes the surgeon’s operating fee, anaesthesia and postoperative medication as long as you are stationary, change of dressing and possibly overnight stays in the hotel. Postoperative, outpatient controls may, but must not be, included. Functional underwear, such as compression clothing and bras, must also be applied separately. Corrective interventions, such as scar correction, are also not included in the fee.

You can settle laboratory examinations and internal investigations before the procedure via your insurance. So that you do not experience any nasty surprises, always clarify the financial part during the consultation.

Plastic surgery – mostly for self-payers

Aesthetic surgeries are usually not medically indicated, so they are not paid for by health insurance companies. According to this, plastic surgeons are elective doctors, i.e. doctors without health insurance contracts. Plastic surgery is never paid for by your medical cash register, except for a few indications.

However, the costs of medically necessary treatments, such as slippers or tightening operations after massive weight loss, are largely reimbursed.

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