The working day for Dr. Julia Cordin and Dr. Daniel Pehböck usually starts very early. At 6:00 in the morning there is a day watch, according to the two doctors of the “For-Always-Beautiful” clinic in Samnaun.

Before another long day in the operating room begins, the surgeon and the anaesthetist strengthen themselves with an extensive breakfast at the hotel “Chasa Montana”. The upcoming daily program of the beauty clinic will be discussed again.

The first cosmetic surgery begins at 8:00 a.m.

At 7:00 a.m. at the latest, the medical team arrives at the “Für-immer-Schön” clinic. The nursing staff has already taken in the first patient, who is now welcomed by Dr. Cordin and Dr. Pehböck. Last questions are answered, photos are taken again and the operating field is marked. Now it’s time to go.

Depending on the operation, an operation takes 1 to a maximum of 3 hours

On average, an aesthetic procedure takes 1 to 2, a maximum of 3 hours. Surgical interventions require a high degree of concentration. Optimal team work is the prerequisite for the best result. Thanks to many years of experience, most procedures are routine for Dr. Cordin and Dr. Pehböck.

There is always a short rest period between the individual operations

Dr. Cordin and Dr. Pehböck operate 3 to 4 patients per day. Between the individual surgeries, the two have almost half an hour to prepare for the next operation.

Maximum safety at the end of the working day for patients

At 19:00 we end today’s surgery day in Samnaun. At this time, the last patient of the daily program has reached his hotel room – in the beautiful 4 star Hotel Chasa Montana.

Now only the evening visit is pending, then let the two doctors end their day with a cozy dinner. Of course, they can be reached by telephone all night for their patients and, in case of the case, in person in 3 minutes. Because they sleep on the same floor as their patients. Because maximum safety is the first way!

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