Nipple correction

The most important information on nipple correction at a glance


Surgical duration

30-45 minutes


Loss of occupation

1-4 days


Type of anaesthetic

Twilight sleep



after 2-3 weeks



no overnight stay



1950 CHF



around Warzenvorhof



Final after 3-6 months

What is a nipple correction?

Nipples are available in a wide variety of variants, but not each is perceived as aesthetically pleasing. Here in our clinic we offer treatments for the two most common problem areas of nipples: the wart atrium and inverted nipples.

Nipple atrium

Nipple atria (Areola) are the pigmented areas around the nipple. The wart yard varies in size, colour and shape. It is perfectly normal to have large or different sized warts. If a patient is not satisfied with the size of the wart seam atria, they can be reduced.

Surgery to reduce the size of the nipple atria is relatively simple. The diameter is reduced. Ideally, the diameter is 4 cm. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia; of course, a twilight sleep is also possible.

Inverted nipples

A Hollow wart (also referred to as “invaginated nipple”) is not pulled outwards, but inwards. In some cases, the nipple comes out temporarily due to irritation/stimulation. Both women and men can have inverted nipples. The cause of inverted nipples is shortened milk execution ducts.

Inverted nipples are divided into three degrees of severity, depending on whether the nipple or its erection can be stimulated or not. Depending on the severity, there are different treatment options.

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Regular stimulation: There are sex toys designed for nipple stimulation – suction cups, staples. However, there is a risk of over-stimulation with resulting inflammation and pain due to persistent irritation. Grade 1 is ideal for the use of such stimuli.

Piercing: Piercing a piercing can help to bring a nipple permanently outward. The body jewelry prevents the nipples from slipping inwards. At the same time, the shortened milk ducts are stretched. The success of this method varies. The best chances are Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Surgery: A crescent-shaped cut is placed at the base. The milk ducts are cut with a pointed pair of scissors. Breastfeeding is no longer possible. This technique is used in Grade 3.

Inverted nipples can temporarily or permanently outward in breastfeeding women. Rarely can women breastfeed completely without complications. Pain, infections and rashes often occur. In order to allow breastfeeding after a correction, patience and the right technique are required. Sometimes the use of a milk pump or other suction devices helps.


What customers say
about Dr. Julia Cordin


What customers say about Dr. Julia Cordin

After my 2 pregnancies, my C-Cup had shrunk to an A-cup. Since the breast augmentation at Dr. Cordin I feel comfortable again and am really happy. That was the best decision!

Natasha, 34 years - Breast augmentation with silicone implants

I have a completely new body feeling and can now enjoy my sexuality again. Thank you also for the great support and perfect advice in advance!

Lilly, 54 years - self-fat-tranfer outer labia

Finally, I no longer have to use a bra insert to balance my smaller left breast. In the first-ever-beautiful clinic, the right breast was reduced and adapted to the left. It’s become really great. Have taken care of me really well and felt comfortable with you! Thank you.

Anna, 21 years - Matching breast surgery for breast assymetry

The disturbing fat pads at my problem areas are hardly there anymore. The operation gave me a kick, now finally to make more movement and look at me.

Conny, 43 years - liposuction abdomen, waist and thigh


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