“Life consists in movement!” (Aristotle)
1-2 times a week endurance sports is good for you. Light strength training also brings you closer to your goal – to get in shape.

Exercise will not only positively affect the fat cells, but brain cells will also experience a change of heart. It has been proven that sport helps to switch off and thus to ventilate the head.

The path to health leads through the kitchen.

Dealing with food, looking for healthy recipes, consciously shopping and maybe even cooking together in the family or partnership is fun and brings relaxation.

Dealing with what you are giving your body (the most fascinating and important machine in the world) may be well thought out. The rule is not “either – or” but “both, as well”. It is balanced, not one-sided!

More water, less alcohol.

Alcohol can be drunk in moderation, but don’t forget that it inhibits fat loss. There is no diet where alcohol consumption is planned. The situation is similar with any kind of juices, in particular fruit juices. They are calorie bombs. Water, on the other hand, is not only calorie-free, it generally promotes our health. Our body is 70% water. Whether for digestion, for regulating body temperature or for maintaining function of the brain, water is a source of life.

Fasting – life encyclopedias or pure lifestyle? What’s really behind it?

In the media, we hear or read again and again that fasting is the key to a healthier and “easier” life.
In fact, fasting is a wonderful way to get rid of ballast of any kind. Not only do you lose kilos, but you also give up on something that we all have to get, which is food. Waiver to practice liberates and makes you satisfied.

The liposuction – The best comes to the end!

They were now very disciplined and consistent. You still lack the finishing touches? Untouchable fat-scribbles that you can’t get away with even with an iron will?

Then liposuction is the right thing for you! Whether love handles, riding pants or a wealth belly: the liposuction removes the disturbing too much. And the beauty of it is that once eliminated fat cells are gone forever. Write to us right away, we will be happy to advise you personally – completely unvrable.

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