The “Face-Shaping”: – With the help of the classic liposuction on the face and in the chin-neck area, these regions get a nice contour again. As fine-tuning, i.e. for modelling and for emphasizing individual facial parts, a self-fat transfer can also be carried out.

Does your double chin bother you? Liposuction on the face can be the solution

Time and again, patients introduce themselves in beauty clinics and express the desire for a more distinctive facial contour. With the help of the classic liposuction, you can achieve exactly that. Diffuse fat accumulations such as on the chin or on the cheeks (construction fat) are reduced; the localized storage grease remains untouched.

Liposuction on the chin and face is an effective low-risk procedure

Like most aesthetic surgeries, liposuction on the face should be performed under general anaesthetic to ensure patients maximum safety. With secured airways and deep sleep, the excess fat on the face and chin is removed with specially thin and little traumatizing suction cannulas. Technically flawless surgery is required to ensure that the fine tissue structures are spared.

Highlighting facial areas by emphasizing contours

The “face-shaping” is therefore carried out by a liposuction, but can be supported by a self-fat transfer. I am talking about the ‘plus-minus’ variant! Particularly suitable places to supplement the liposuction of the chin and face are the yoke arches, the chin and the nasolabial folds, in men also the jaw angle.

Like any cosmetic surgery, liposuction on the face and chin carries certain risks

Although liposuction on the face and chin poses a low risk, complications can occur that should be known about. Typically, asymmetries can occur. Injuries to vessels and nerve irritations are also rare, but still occur. Time and again, patients report a reduced sensitivity. Adipose tissue is considered a layer of displacement, so to speak as sliding tissue, which should not be thinned too much. If this happens, confiscations and dents can result.

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