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Attractive or beautiful women – according to science – not only have it easier in terms of their choice of partner, they are also much more successful in their careers. We can also turn this around: beautiful people convey success! Why is that? From an evolutionary point of view, beautiful people imply a high level of health; the basis for the perfect offspring.

But what is perceived as beautiful and attractive?

There are very measurable parameters that make a woman particularly beautiful:
At the top of the list of beauty features is symmetry. A symmetrical appearance – and this refers specifically to the face – makes a woman appear harmonious. Other features of youthful femininity include a round, not too narrow face, smooth skin and shiny, long hair.
Also important are harmonious body proportions. If the habitus is consistent, the attractiveness for the other person is also right.

There are characteristics that cannot be objectively identified, which each person assesses differently:

We all know the following sayings: “He or she has something very special about him!” or “I don’t know what attracts me so much to this person!”.
The body odour plays a very important role in this. We can rely on our sense of smell. Also the gait, certain looks and hand movements have an attractive or less attractive effect on people.

Does it always have to be a model?

Quite the contrary! “Average people” are perceived as particularly attractive. This is because “average” inspires confidence. Extremely beautiful women unsettle their counterparts and can even trigger feelings of inferiority.

What physical characteristics in the narrower sense make a woman look beautiful?

Men stand on women with big eyes and long hair. Full lips seem sensual and awaken the desire to kiss a woman in the opposite. Beautiful hands with well-formed, long fingers and well-groomed fingernails are also attractive. As far as the figure is concerned, men like an average female, but not too full figure. That means, athletically but not boyishly.

THE theme for decades is the female breast.

The female breast stands for motherhood, nourishing, warmth, feelings, cordiality, but also sensuality, sexuality and eroticism.
The female breast must be large, but not too large. Nor should it be too small. As always, proportions and individual perception play the decisive role here.

As you can see for yourself, the appearance alone is therefore not entirely decisive whether a woman is considered beautiful and attractive. It is the interplay of many factors: evolution, early childhood imprinting, personal preferences and social norms.

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