In this blog post I write about 5 important topics about breast and silicone implants. Have fun reading!

#1 link between silicone implants and breast cancer

At the end of the 1980s, the us had a discussion about the link between silicone implants and breast cancer.
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) then withdrew the silicone implants from the market in 1993 and only saline implants were used. Countless studies followed, but none could prove that silicone implants actually increased the breast cancer rate. In 2006 they were officially approved again and since then they have been a global standard.

#2 breast cancer screening despite silicone implants?

Yes! A skilled and competent radiologist has no problem performing a meaningful mammography with subsequent implants. There is also the possibility of 3D mammography, which further facilitates carcinoma screening.
An MRI in combination with an ultrasound is also a safe tool; unnecessary radiation exposure can also be avoided.

#3 When do I need to replace breast implants?

Time and again you hear or read that breast implants have to be replaced after 10 years at the latest. Since the shell around the implants used to be thinner and therefore vulnerable, this credo was also valid until 10 years ago.
Nowadays, breast implants no longer need to be replaced unless they lick, cause pain for patients or complications such as capsule fibrosis occur.

#4 Can I fly or dive with breast implants?

Yes, you can! The pressure ratios change in both height and depth. This leads to the formation of blisters in the breast implant. But that is not dangerous. Saline implants can even chuckle, so don’t be scared.

#5 Can smoking affect my healing process?

Smoking leads to the closure of the skin-supplying, smallest vessels (capillaries).
Capillaries are located at the wound edges and are therefore responsible for wound healing. If they are closed, the wound is badly blooded and a wound healing disorder occurs.
It is always the first cigarette to trigger this vicious circle. Unfortunately, therefore, statements such as “I only smoked a single cigarette!” do not apply. Try to avoid smoking around the surgery appointment!

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