What can you do about hanging breasts?

Unfortunately, we cannot turn the wheel of time; that’s why here’s our motto “Back to the roots”. What has changed a pregnancy with subsequent lactation, a strong weight reduction or the aging of the female body can be remedied by breast tightening. Regardless of whether with or without silicone implants, the cutting and thus scar is always created around the wart atrium and vertically in the direction of underbust folds.

What about the excitability of the nipples after breast tightening?

In 85% of cases, sensitivity comes back completely or slightly reduced. In 15% of the operated cases it is completely lost. The reason for this is the removal of glandular fat tissue, which is interspersed with sensitive nerves. In the course of surgery, the nerves can be irritated or damaged.

How long does a woman have to give up sex after a breast tightening?

After two weeks, she can become sexually active again. It is advisable to handle the chest carefully at this time. A rough touching of the breasts should be avoided as well as a squeezing.

Will breastfeeding ability be maintained?

Depending on the extent of tissue manipulation and removal, breastfeeding can be lost. About 50% of patients cannot breastfeed, either through surgery or because they never could anyway. The glandular tissue flows through the milk ducts into the nipple. In the event of stretching, injury or cutting of the milk ducts, the ability to breastfeed is lost.

How long after a breast tightening should you refrain from sports, sun and sauna visits?

As a rule, these activities should not be resumed until 10 to 14 days after the operation. However, this is always decided individually. A first postoperative check takes place after 14 days. The doctor sees how wound healing is progressing and can give the OK for Sport& Co.

Is it easy to hide the scars?

The technique of vertical scar ringing not only brings the advantage that the long-term result (technology according to Hall-Findlay) becomes very beautiful, also the significantly shorter scar course (compared to the reverse T) is an aesthetic advantage. A bikini top and not too tight bras cover the cuts perfectly!

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