The most important information on breast augmentation at a glance


Surgical duration

60 Minutes


Loss of occupation

1-2 weeks


Type of anaesthetic

General anaesthetic



after 4 weeks



2 nights



6750 CHF



3-5 cm



Final after 3-6 months

What is a breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation is a plastic-surgical procedure for enlargement and contour enhancement especially of the female breast. The basic shape cannot be affected by this, because it enlarges what already exists.

The enlargement of the breast serves on the one hand the aesthetics of subjectively too small breasts, but also the reconstruction after the removal of glandular and possibly muscle tissue. Congenital defects (breast deformities with asymmetries) often require breast augmentation or adaptation.

Surgical breast augmentation can be done either with the help of implants or the body’s own fat and muscle tissue.

Breast implants

There are 2 different types of breast implants: salt-filled breast implants and silicone implants. The saline implant has an elastomeric silicone sleeve that is filled with sterile saline during the operation. The silicone implant has an elastomeric silicone sleeve prefilled with viscous silicone gel (cohesive).

In a detailed consultation, the shape and size of the implant are selected together in order to implement the desired breast augmentation in the best possible way.

Breast augmentation with own fat

Liposuction (liposuction) makes it possible to use the fat obtained by the suction as a filling material. The removed adipose tissue is injected with special cannulas (see chapter “Self fat”) at the destination. The material is inserted into the pectoral muscle. There it can heal without any problems due to the good blood circulation.

The self-fat transfer to the breast is used to correct asymmetries, to reconstruct (if the underlying disease is not a carcinoma) after tissue removal, to improve the soft tissue coverage of breast implants and to aesthetically enlarge the breast.

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For more information

The average recovery time is 6 weeks. During this time, attention should be paid to physical protection. Lifting and carrying heavy loads and sport are not allowed. It is recommended to wear a sports bra for at least 6 weeks. Wound healing in the area of the incision should be completed after 14 days; after that, scar massage can be started. Declining measures such as lymphatic drainage support the healing process positively.

The mammary gland is an apocrine gland that produces milk for the diet of infants; each breast has a wart atrium (Areola) with a nipple (nipple). It is called the Nipple Arela Complex (NAC). The milk ducts flow into the nipple from the mammary gland, through which the infants are supplied with breast milk.

Even after a breast enlargement with implants, the woman can normally still breastfeed. However, breast implants can also cause difficulty breastfeeding, especially after a periareolaric cut (see chapter “Breast implanates”) and subglandular implant pocket.

Primary breast reconstruction: Replacement of breast tissue that requires surgical reconstruction due to trauma, illness or congenital deformity.

Revision operation: Correction of an unsatisfactory result of a previous breast operation.

Primary Augmentation: Aesthetic indication in case of subjective dissatisfaction with one’s own breast.

Breast augmentation, whether for reconstruction or aesthetic reasons, carries a certain risk of surgery. Some of these possible complications or consequences should be mentioned here: anesthesia complications, bruising, fluid accumulation (serom), wound infection, scar, pain, emotional disturbances, impairment of breastfeeding function, asymmetry, ribling, implant rupture, capsule fibrosis, etc…

ad implant rupture: The silicone of the breast implants is cohesive; that is, the individual molecules are strongly connected so that the gel cannot escape. If an implant breaks today, it can no longer run out. It remains – at least for a long time, in shape and does not pose a health risk. However, there may be permanent deposits of silicone in the surrounding lymph nodes (silicomoma). Regular imaging checks are recommended every two years to diagnose any leakage.

ad capsule fibrosis: This is the body’s immunological response to a foreign body, the breast implant. Each foreign body is encased in a connective tissue shell. But only when this shell (consisting of connective tissue cells) is colonized by muscle cells, the capsule begins to contract and can therefore painfully cramp. 4 degrees of severity are distinguished (according to Baker). Degrees 3 and 4 require operational refurbishment.


What customers say
about Dr. Julia Cordin


What customers say about Dr. Julia Cordin

After my 2 pregnancies, my C-Cup had shrunk to an A-cup. Since the breast augmentation at Dr. Cordin I feel comfortable again and am really happy. That was the best decision!

Natasha, 34 years - Breast augmentation with silicone implants

I have a completely new body feeling and can now enjoy my sexuality again. Thank you also for the great support and perfect advice in advance!

Lilly, 54 years - self-fat-tranfer outer labia

Finally, I no longer have to use a bra insert to balance my smaller left breast. In the first-ever-beautiful clinic, the right breast was reduced and adapted to the left. It’s become really great. Have taken care of me really well and felt comfortable with you! Thank you.

Anna, 21 years - Matching breast surgery for breast assymetry

The disturbing fat pads at my problem areas are hardly there anymore. The operation gave me a kick, now finally to make more movement and look at me.

Conny, 43 years - liposuction abdomen, waist and thigh


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